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Сортировщик Цветов, CCD Цвета Сортировщик, Рис Сортировщик производитель / поставщик в Китае.

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Цвет Belt-Type сортировщика

MOQ: 1шт.
Условия Платежа: LC, T/T

Описание Продукции

Описание Продукции

Main Features

1. High-sensitivity and high resolution industrial multicolor CCD sensor which can instantly capture the tiny flaw.

2. Professional high pixel wide angle industrial camera lens to keep the image distortion in a low range.

3. Based on FPGA parallel many lines processing technology, operating more than ten billion times per second.

4. The fluorescent lamps are customization with stable and consistence of the useful life.

5. Advanced image processing technology which can realize the complex arithmetic as well as to distinguish the impurity and grading. 6. High speed electromagnetic ejector with 1, 000 times per second.

7. Human touch interface, the belt-type color sorter is easy for operation. With 18 sorting modes meet various demands.

8. High reliable system design, after a long time high temperature ageing and vibration test, ensuring that each piece of the color sorter and its reliable operation.

9. Unique food grade device which could prevent the raw material from being broken; As to reduce the loss in food process

Тип SS-L40C/D SS-L60C/D

40 60

Выход (t/h)
≤3.0 ≤5.0

Сортировать точность
>99.6% >99.6%

Оптимизированный избыток (первая неудача отдувки: хорошо)
1:3 1:3

Напряжение тока (v)
~380V/50Hz ~380V/50Hz

Сила главной машины (kw)
1.8 2.0

Давление на источнике воздуха (MPa)
0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8

Потребление воздуха (m /min)
≤1.8 ≤2.2

Вес (Kg)
800 900

Размер (L×W×H)
2660×1020×1852 2660×1320×1852
Heifei Meiya Optoelectronic Tech. Co., Ltd.
Anhui , China
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