Cangzhou Longji Industry Trade Co., Ltd.

Одежда, Шарф, Шаль производитель / поставщик в Китае.

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Торговая Марка: longji

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  • Trademark: longji
Описание Продукции

The company selects high-quality furriery of otter skin, domestic rabbit skin, mink skin, fox skin, etc. As raw material. And our company introduce advanced fur & leather technology. By our common delving into diligently, We have unique combinations of traditional national culture, skills and services that we are constantly building on. So our company can produce a best superior quality of every kind of furs weave series. For example: Weave of dresses such as scarf, shawl, hat and blouse etc., We have a large assortment of them more than 100. We pay attention to and hold the popular trend of dress at any time, and appointed the topping designers all year to carry on some new products for development to the needs of the fast changing current market. Our advanced technics, perfect productions, novel styles and elegance, elegance and stylish, fresh in luster and excellent in quality, high quality and low price, be highly commanded by domestic and international consumers.

Cangzhou Longji Industry Trade Co., Ltd.
Hebei , China
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