1st Hygienic Material Factory of Cao County

Одноразовые, Марлевые Губки, Бинт производитель / поставщик в Китае.

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Hobtype Hydrogel покрытие и машины для нарезки ломтиками

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Описание Продукции

Описание Продукции

This product is suitable for the all coating cloth without the spinning (producing the temperature-down paste, defervescence paste, babu grease paste, mosquito-away paste, ease pain paste, pouch paste, hairdressing mask paste, water get nose paste, weight-losing paste etc. Medicines for skin products)

1. The man-machine interface PLC computer control system, (PLC is made in Japan, the touch screen, switch power supply are made in Taiwan).
2. Photoelectricity tracking orientation, feeding materials automatically.
3. The feeding materials of basic material 'two rollers coating cloth 'outwork molding 'pneumatic vertical cutting -mould cutting (horizontal cuttercut levelly)-. Finished product (pneumatic cutter is made in Taiwan).
4. The materials tank can load the 25kg water gelatin.
5. Collocate the mould cutting device, can produce the pastes with different types at the same time (mask, pouch pastes etc)
6. The putting materials chute is made of the four fluorine ethylene, the crust is adopted the stainless steel, according with the medical hygienic require ments

Main technical parameters:
Coating thickness 1mm-3.5mm
Coated effective width 500mm
Production speed 50× 120mm: 400~450/min
Total capacity 5.0kw
Dimension machines 2850*1150*1800mm
Weight 1000kg

1st Hygienic Material Factory of Cao County
Shandong , China
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