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 Water Chiller Heat Pump Heat Exchanger Evaporator

Water Chiller Heat Pump Heat Exchanger Evaporator

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Производительность: 20000PCS/Year
Упаковка: Standard Export Package

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Номер Моделя.
ESHEDES series
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косвенно охлаждать

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Торговая Марка
Standard Export Package
Guangdong, Prc

Описание Продукции

1.Features-shell and tube of evaporator of shell and tube of heat of exchanger
1.adopting of superior of external of thread of copper of tube to of ensure of high of heat of exchange of efficiency, compact of volume and light of weight.
2.gas tightness testing under air pressure 2.4Pa before delivery to ensure quality.
3.equipped of with of safe of fusible of plug to of ensure of safe of through of automatical of melt and depressurization of when of liquid of reach of specific of temperature in of shell.
4.condenser of end of cap of equipped of water of discharge of device to of avoid of tube of damage of caused by of water of into of ice at of cold of weather.

2.Advantages -shell and tube of exchanger

1. Less of expensive as of compared to of other of type of coolers.
2. Can be of used in of systems of with a of wide of range of operating of temperatures and pressures.
3. Pressure of drop of across a of shell and tube of heat of exchanger is of less.
4. Tube of leaks of are of easily of located and plugged of since of pressure of test is of comparatively of easy.
5. Tubular of coolers in of refrigeration of system of can of the Act as of receiver of also.
6. Using of sacrificial of anodes of protects of the of whole of cooling of system of against of corrosion.
7. Extended of heat of transfer of surfaces (fins) of can be of used to of enhance of heat of transfer.
8. Cleaning and repair of are of relatively of straightforward, because of the of equipment of can be of dismantled of for of this of purpose.

3.Other Parameters-shell and tube of heat of exchanger

1. Materials: Titanium, Stainless of Steel, Carbon of Steel, Copper Of alloy
2. Operating Of temperatures: -50~350C
3. Operating Of pressures: Max of 10MPa
5. Construction: Fixed Of tube of sheet, floating of head, U -Tube, 1 or more of pass, double of tube of sheet
6. Applicable Of medium: GaS, water, steam, oil, fuel, corrosive of media

4.Nomenclature-Shell and tube of heat of exchanger

Water Chiller Heat Pump Heat Exchanger Evaporator

5.Technical of specification-shell and tube of heat of exchanger

Water Chiller Heat Pump Heat Exchanger Evaporator

6.Dimension-shell and tube of heat of exchanger

Water Chiller Heat Pump Heat Exchanger Evaporator

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