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4ch самостоятельных цифрового видеорегистратора (DVR5104)

Номер Моделя: DVR5104

Описание Продукции

Основная Информация
  • Номер Моделя: DVR5104
  • Тип : Автономный
Описание Продукции

Main Feature
1. Four separate audio-video road show and compressed audio and video simultaneously, without electronic amplification
2. Four-channel, each channel can be individually installed
3. MPEG4/H. 264 video compression, a higher compression ratio, the more efficient hard disk space
4. CIF/Half D1/D1 format images from the three definitions
5. Adjustable frame count: 0.1 frames / sec to 25 frames / sec adjusted
6. Stream since many stalls definition, image resolution options
7. Four routes, input and two-way Alarm output to support mobile video and image detection alarm loss alarm
8. Compatible with video, and real-time 4 -channel video monitoring the same time intervals
9. Special paper specially designed video system, more than 10 times the life of hard disks
10. The table inquiries, inquiries rapid, accurate search retrieval methods
11. Internal network functions, IP protocol and support for LAN, WAN and dynamic ADSL network
12. Compatible with two-way intercom network

Technology parameter:
Video Signal: PAL (625 line, 50 field / sec); NTSC (525 lines / frame, 60 field / sec)
Video Input: Composite Video: 1.0V p-p/75 Ω, BNC connector x 4
Video Output: Composite Video: 1.0V p-p/75 Ω, BNC Connector x 2
Audio Input: BNC connector x 4
Audio Output: RCA x 1 RCA audio output; RCA x 1 x 1 output cuts
Alarm input: Non-voltage contact closure, the regular open - or closed, four-input
Alarm output Non-voltage contact closure, always open, 2 Output
Alarm: Alarm sensor input; Video detection alarm; Video sight loss alarm
Disc full warning
NETWORK: 10/100M Ethernet port adaptive
Compatible with console and the camera control, RS485 interface x 1
Backup mode: USB backup; Network backup; CD-RW
Resolution: 704 x 576
Compression options: CIF resolution 352 x 704 x 576 D1 288 Half-D1
Compression Standard: MPEG4/H. 264
Hard Disk: Two IDE interface, and compatible with large hard disks over four blocks 300G
Bitstream installed:
Adjustable seven stalls bitstream stall 100MB/: 1 hour / Road, two stalls 150MB/ hours / road
Three stalls 200MB/ hours / road, 4 hours stalls 250MB/ / road stall 300MB/ 5 hours / road
6 stall 350MB/ hours / road stall 400MB/ 7 hours / Road: 1~100MB/ own hours / Road
Security functions: 128-bit data encryption password management
Power: 220V( 10% more or less )/50HZ, 180W;
Power: 50W (no hard disk)
Operating temperature: +5 ~+50 deg; Humidity: Less than 90%
Storage temperature: -20 ~+70 deg; Humidity: Less than 95%
Size appearance: 432 x 96 x 375mm

Shenzhen Dwell Video Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong , China
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