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Цифровой Видеомагнитофон, DVR, Наблюдение производитель / поставщик в Китае.

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16-канальный цифровой видеорегистратор H.264 (DVR5116)

Номер Моделя: DVR5116

Описание Продукции

Основная Информация
  • Номер Моделя: DVR5116
Описание Продукции

1. Eight separated audio&video road to show and compressed audio&video simultaneously, without electronic amplification;
2. H. 264 video compression, a higher compression ratio, the more efficient hard disk space; 3. Internal network functions, IP protocol and support for LAN, WAN and dynamic ADSL network;
4. Eight routes, input, 4-channel alarm output;
5. Mobile video detection, alarm video, regular video;
6. Adjustable frame count: 0.1 frames / sec to 25 frames / sec adjusted;
7. Monitored with the real-time video images to support eight intervals function;
8. Special paper specially designed video system, more than 10 times the life of hard disks; 9. The table inquiries, inquiries rapid, accurate search retrieval methods;
10. Support two-way intercom network;
11. Support network backup, USB CD-RW multiple backup;
Technology parameter:
Video Signal: PAL (625 line, 50 field / sec) NTSC (525 lines / frame, 60 field / sec)
Video Input: Composite Video: 1.0V p-p/75 Ω, BNC connector x 16
Video Output: Composite Video: 1.0V p-p/75 Ω, BNC connector x 16 (VGA optional)
Audio Input: BNC connector x 16
Audio Output: RCA audio output; RCA x 1 x 1 output cuts
Alarm input: Non-voltage contact closure, the regular open - or closed, eight-input
Alarm output: Non-voltage contact closure, always open, 4 Output
Alarm: Alarm sensor input; Video detection alarm; Video sight loss alarm; Disc full warning
NETWORK: 10/100M Ethernet port adaptive "School Official Cites Use of support LAN, WAN, and ADSL Dynamic IP networking
Control: Console support, the camera control, RS485 interface x 1
Backup mode: USB backup, network backup, CD-RW
Resolution: 704 x 576 shows
Compression options: CIF resolution 352 x 704 x 576 D1 288 Half-D1
Compression Standard: MPEG4/H. 264
Hard Disk: 4 IDE interface, support for large hard disks over eight blocks 300G
Bitstream installed:
Adjustable seven stalls bitstream stall 100MB/: 1 hour / Road, two stalls 150MB/ hours / road
Three stalls 200MB/ hours / road, 4 hours stalls 250MB/ / road stall 300MB/ 5 hours / road
6 stall 350MB/ hours / road stall 400MB/ 7 hours / Road: 1~100MB/ own hours / Road
Security functions: 2 + 128-bit data encryption password management
Power: 220V( 10% more or less)/50HZ, 180W
Power: 50W (no hard disk)
Temperature: Operating temperature: +5 ~+50; Humidity: "90%
Storage temperature: -20 ~+70; Humidity: "95%
Size appearance: 432 x 96 x 420mm
Weight: About 7Kg

Shenzhen Dwell Video Technology Co., Ltd
Guangdong , China
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