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Э. Проволоки Машины, Электроэрозионный Станок, EDM Сверлильный Станок производитель / поставщик в Китае.

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Стол станка Wire-Cutting ЧПУ поездки(X x Y): 2000x1200мм (DK77120)

Стандарт: ISO9001, ISO14001
Номер Моделя: DK77120

Описание Продукции

Основная Информация
  • Номер Моделя: DK77120
Дополнительная Информация.
  • Standard: ISO9001, ISO14001
Описание Продукции

(1) The machinery characteristics
1. Make features of big taper, considerable thickness, high efficiency, high precision and new structure etc, lead this industry;
2. There are computer, machine electric and pulse power supply all in the controller;
3. Main computer has two kinds of types—single board computer and microcomputer;
4. Double CPUs structure in microcomputer, program and control at the same time;
5. Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and reliable operation;
6. The whole closed machine bed, working table with T shaped groove, pane fixture;
7. Suitable to process conductive metal moulds, complex metal parts and templates with high precision, high toughness and difficult processing;
8. Can cut plane, bevel, top and bottom different shaped surface, greatly expand the processing range;
9. According to users' request, add half closed-loop, transducer control system.
Main performance indexes and technical requirements
(2) Main performance indexes and technical requirements
1. Software basic functions
A. Coordinate system: Absolute coordinate, incremental coordinate (relative coordinate);
B. Functions of coordinate transforming, zooming in and zooming out, rotating and tracking display in real time;
C. Functions of interpolation of straight line and circular arc;
D. Function of taper processing;
E. Function of processing different top and bottom shape;
F. Functions of short circuit and wire-break handling;
G. Functions of memorizing when power was cut and auto-stop after processing;
H. Functions of auto-edge position and auto-centering;
I. Function of auto-adding transitional arc (Arbitrary angle);
J. Function of processing backward;
K. Functions of menu technology and auto-programming;
L. Data transmission.
2. CNC system configuration and technical performances
A. CNC hardware:
A. Homemade PC: Upwards P2;
B. 128MB RAM;
C. 20GB hard disk;
D. 1. 44 diskette drive;
E. 15" SVGA color display;
F. RS 232 interface and mouse;
B. CNC software and operating platform:
C. CNC software comprises the automatic programming system;
D. The operating platform is DOS 6. 22.