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Рч машины РЧ-оборудования (SR-05)

MOQ: 1шт.
Производительность: 150units/month
Упаковка: Size: 110*40*32cm
Стандарт: Size: 110*40*32cm

Описание Продукции

Основная Информация
  • Номер Моделя: SR-05
  • Теория : RF(Частота Радиоволн)
Дополнительная Информация.
  • Trademark: Best Beauty Equipment
  • Packing: Size: 110*40*32cm
  • Standard: Size: 110*40*32cm
  • Origin: China
  • HS Code: 8543709990
  • Production Capacity: 150units/month
Описание Продукции

SR-05Bio and RF Equipment with Cold Hammer

1. Instant: Heat energy directly into dermis layer, stimulates the collagen protein shrinking instantly, the skin will get tight and lift in very short time.
2. Long: The collagen protein after stimulation will excrete again, at the same time, the RF equipment using together with skin care products can make up their needed nutrition for collagen compounding. Then the skin keeps the long efficacy of collagen increasing.
3. Safe: Full implement of the medical equipemnt standards, with inner stable device. The energy can be controlled during treatment, no any side effect and stimulation on the nerve and skin, wouldless, traceless, painless.
4. Convenient: Touch screen, easy operation. The beautician with basical experience can operate it after short time training.
5. Direct: No need any anesthetic or cooling meidium during opeation.
6. Cheap: The RF heads can be used timeless, Low cost.
7. All-sided: It has three working modes including the face, body and slimming. According to the treated area and purpose different, can choose different sizes of the RF handle and heads.

Advanced than other RF machine, our SR-05 has BIO wand and Cold Hammer.
Theory of BIO Wand: Body relax and semi-health care.
Theory of Cold Hammer:
Cool apply
Shrink pores, calm inflammation and abate hypersusceptibility;
Speed up cell-renewing and protect skin form dirty
Shrink pores and lift muscle to make your face more clean and elastic
Therapeutic efficacy and relevant projectof RF.

A. On the face
A). Lighten the black eye orbits, remove eye bags and wrinkles.
B). Lift, tighten and whiten the skin.
C). Make up the water, rectify the face contour.
D). Control acne, shrink the pores.
Relevant project: Skin activation treatment
Deep-seated diathermia, supplies oxygen and nutrition to the skin, strengthen cells function, boost up blood and lymph circulation, activate metabolism, stimulate to produce collagen, so can get skin rejuvenation, lifting and tightening efficacies.

B. On the obesity
A). Burn the fat.
B). Improve the constipation.
C). Enhance the elasticity.
D). Lessen pain feeling
E). Tighten slack skin after producing the baby.
Relevant project: Obesity gene treatment
Deep-seated diathermia, enhances the oxygen flow in the body, promote oxygenous exercise, advance blood and lymph circulation, exhaust toxins and waste out of the body, activate the metabolism, eliminate and soften the cellulite tissue, then get the purposes of slimming and controlling the obesity.

C. On the pain symptom
A). Relax the muscle pain;
B). Ease the ankylosis arthrosis;
C). Improve the fatigue of whole body
Relevant project: Pain relaxation treatment
Deep-seated diathermia, can relax the muscle, enhance the fibre protein tissue enlargement, ease the ankylosis arthrosis, improve pain feeling, effective remove fatigue.

N. W.: 55kg

PS: We're aimming to be the professional RF machien and Ultrasonic Cavitation SLimming machine expert. OEM/ODM are also warmly welcomed.

Foshan Nanhai Best Beauty Equipment Manufacturer
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