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Индукционные лампа (GL-200W)

Цена FOB для Справки:
150,00 $  / шт.
Производительность: 120000set/year
Упаковка: 10pcs/carton
Стандарт: CCC, EMC, CE
Код ТН ВЭД: 0

Описание Продукции

Основная Информация
  • Номер Моделя: GL-200W
Дополнительная Информация.
  • Trademark: Green Light
  • Packing: 10pcs/carton
  • Standard: CCC, EMC, CE
  • Origin: Guangdong, China
  • HS Code: 0
  • Production Capacity: 120000set/year
Описание Продукции

Type GL-200 Fluorescent Lamp
Frequency(MHz) 2.65
Power(W) 200
Voltage(V-) 160-265
Current(A-) 0.92
Power Factor(PF) ≥ 0.98
Start Time(S) 0.5
Luminous(Lm) 14000
Colour Temp(K) 2700/6500
Color index(R. A) 80
Max Diamter(mm) 140
Mac Length(mm) 225
Base Diameler(mm) 65
Diameler(mm) ballast 165× 98× 52
Lifehours(H) 60000

Specificity of GL-200 Fluorescent lamp.

1) Shockproof and long lifetime.

There is no filament and electrode in the GL-200 Fluorescent Lamp, it is based upon electromagnetic induction and fluorescence gas discharge two knowledge principles to combine. There is no necessity element to limit the lifetime of the lamp, and it is unafraid shack. So the lifetime of the lamp just rest with the quality of the electronic component, circuitous philosophy and the debugging technique. The lifetime of the GL-200 Fluorescent Lampis above 60, 000 hours, it can reduce frequent maintained to save expensive cost.

2) Energy-Saving. To compare with the filament lamp, using the GL Fluorescent Lamp can save energy 75%, in fact, the GL- 120 Fluorescent can be instead of 250W M. H. L

3) Environmental Protection. It use solid mercurial, so even if the bulb is broken, it can't cause environment pollution. Above 99% recoverable coefficient, a really environmental protection green light.

4) Operating temperature range: -50° C~+50° C

5) None Flash. For its work frequency as high as 2.65MHz, the common lamps' just is 50Hz, so it called "no flash completely". Even using it long time also can't cause the eyestrain and keep the health of the eyes

6) High Color Rendering. It uses tricolor fluorescent coating, so the color rendering is bigger than 80, that is higher than H. V. S. L and mercury lamp. The bright color is soft, the object appear natural color in light.

7) Color Electively. There are 2700K~6500K color for choice and it can be made to color to using in the park adornment and sight lighting.

8) Needless Hot Spotting. It can start in low temperature, start and again start immediately. Its start time is less than 0.5 sec...This type lamp isn't limited by frequent start and close. It also no light decay like the common electric discharge lamp.

9) Good Electric property. Lining with the GB standard, power factor higher than 98%, low harmonic current, , lumen output is unacted on the power supply and output invariable luminous flux, it can stat effectually between 160V-265V.

10) Unafraid Shack

11) Windy Fitting Applicability. Compact glass envelope design to make the fixture design has more degree of freedom. The finished Lamp can be loaded on any position, unlimited.

12) Applied realm. It can be apply in the industry, business and other places to use the lighting extensively, such as the factory premises, a building, hall, station, wharf, airport, superhighway, tunnel, city street etc.

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