Avespeed Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Fueled Generator Set

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CAll data according to full load subject to technical development and modification
CMM should be purified before burning in engine
CMM temperature ≤ 40centigrade
CMM pressure 3~10kPa; Fluctuating rate of pressure ≤ 1kPa/min
CH4≥ 9%; Fluctuate rate of CH4 ≤ 2%min
Granule≤ 5μ M, Granule≤ 30mg/Nm3; Moisture ≤ 40g/Nm3
For safety purpose, the 02≥ 16% and total volume of CH4 + o2 ≥ 28% if CH4≤ 30%.
Coal mine degasification was originally developed to improve worker safety in coal mines, since explosive gas can form when methane mixes with air. Now, that gas can power the coal mine or be fed into the public power grid. The thermal energy can be used for heating purposes on-site, or be fed into a district heating system. And finally, mining companies can obtain additional revenues by selling Carbon Emission Reduction (CER) credits following the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or comparable mechanisms introduced among countries that have signed the Kyoto Protocol.

The main technical challenge in using coal mine gas in gas engines is the fluctuation of methane concentration during operation, as well as variations in gas pressure, humidity and quality that can be observed from one mine to the other. SHENGDONG'S people took on this challenge 10 years ago and today is a leading supplier for such technology worldwide.

Use the coal mine, coal bed gas or mine gas, through the gas explosion-prevention ventilator, explosion-prevention mist transportation system, gas and liquid separator, coarse colander, extract colander and electromagnetism valve, to mix the gas with the air in the gas engine and then conflagrate the mixed gas, in order to drag the generator to generate electricity.

Electric Power 625kVA/500kW
500GF-2RW Methane Content > 25 Percent
500GF-3RW Methane Content < 25 Percent500GF-3RW / 500GF-2RW COAL SEAM GAS/ COAL MINE METHANE GENERATOR SET
Economic benefits to coal mines, power producers and end users
Improved on-site power supply reliability
Modular design accommodates fluctuations in gas supply
Commercially proven at the Russia, Australia and China.
Reduces emissions of coal mine methane, a greenhouse gas

Описание/тип Genset 500GF1-2RW 500GF-3RW
Метан (CH4) ≥ 25 процентов 9-30 проценты
Электрический выход  (kW) 500 500
Напряжение тока (v) 400 400
Тип двигателя W12V190ZLDK-2B W12V190ZLDK-2C
Устремленность Turbocharged охлаженное Inter Turbocharged охлаженное Inter
Расположение цилиндра От v до 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle От v до 12, 4-Stroke-Cycle
Bore/Stroke  (mm) 190/210 190/210
Число оборотов двигателя  (rpm) 1000 1000
Расход топлива
9.80 10.25
Temp вытыхания.  (стоградусно) ≤ 550 ≤ 550
Режим зажигания Искритесь-Ignited Искритесь-Ignited
Начинать режим 24V DC Power 24V DC Power
Полное смещение (Lit) 71.45 71.45
Изоляция Тип f Тип f
Ободрение Безщеточное excited Безщеточное excited
Длина  (mm) 5678 5678
Ширина   (mm) 1970 1970
Высота  (mm) 2822 2839
Вес Empty (kg) 12500 12500

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