Avespeed 125 Series 165W-180W Mono or Poly High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Module

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MOQ:100 watts
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Условия Платежа:LC, T/T
Срок Действия Цены:6/24/2013 ~ 7/19/2013

Основная Информация

Номер Моделя:125 SERIES

Описание Продукции

AVESPEED 125 Series 165W-180W mono or poly high efficiency solar photovoltaic module

1. The series module/solar panels consists of mono-crystalline silicon solar cells which are In high efficiency, individually characterized and electronically matched before interconnection.

2. Laminated with High quality toughened glass, EVA and TPT, characteristic operation of solar cells can be ensured under any Climatic conditions.

After assembled by anodized aluminum alloy frame and junction box with MC connectors, the AVESPEED solar Modules are designed for long service life, easy to install, withstand the storm, high wind and hail impact etc

Model AVE180P - 24 AVE175P - 24 AVE170P - 24 AVE165P - 24
Nominal power (Pm) 180Wp 175Wp 170Wp 165Wp
Power allowance ±3% ±3% ±3% ±3%
Optimized working voltage (Vm) 35.57V 35.2V 35.2V 34.8V
Optimized working current (Im) 5.06A 4.97A 4.83A 4.74A
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 44.8V 44.3V 44.3V 44.0V
Short circuit current (Isc) 5.51A 5.3A 5.25A 5.18A
Module efficiency 14.1% 13.7% 13.3% 12.9%
Withstanding voltage DC1000V
Dimension of module (mm) 1580×808×35
Net weight (Kg) 15
Packing ( pcs/carton) 2
Dimension of package (mm) 1630×855×100
Volume (m 3 )  0.139
Gross weight ( Kg/carton) 35
Dimension of pallet 1660×1100×1950
Quantity in a 40' container 22carton/pallet×14pallet=308carton(616pcs)
Time returnable and replaceable 2year
Power attenuation 10year≤10%, 20year≤20%

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