640kw Ave-Cummins International Standard Produced Diesel Electricity Generator

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Срок Действия Цены:6/21/2013 ~ 7/18/2013

Основная Информация

Номер Моделя:ave-commins
Тип: Основной Дизель-Генератор
Способ установки: Стационарный
Ход: Четыре Хода
Метод охлаждения: Водяное Охлаждение
Тип выхода: AC Трехфазный

Описание Продукции

640kw AVE-Cummins international standard China produced cheap Diesel electricity generator
All engine rating data based on ISO 3046/1;
Reference conditions: Ambient 25 centigrade, Total Barometric Pressure: 100kPa, Relative humidity 30%, Intercooler coolant in: 25 centigrade;
Fuel characteristics: Related density: 0.84+-0.005, Lower heat value: 42700kj/kg, Consumption tolerance: +5%;
Power: An overload of 10% is permitted for one hour in every twelve hours of operation.
1. Meet with: ISO8528, IEC60034, ISO3046
2. Marine medium speed engine driven
3. Brushless self excited alternator with AVR
4. Application: Marine gen-set, Stationary gen-set and Containerized gen-set
5. Easy installation, Low noise, Low operation cost.

1. Cylinder Block:
High quality alloy cast iron for the rigidity performance and good stability, wet and replaceable cylinder liners for better heat rejection performance.

2. Head and Valve:
4 valves per cylinder, optimize the mixed level which leads to an excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance. High quality alloy cast iron, two cylinders with a head. Big diameter camshaft and special designed outline for better reliability and durability.

3. Crankshaft and Rod:
Robust and fully balanced crankshaft designed for a more steadily rotation and higher strength. Steel piston crown with oil gallery and aluminum skirts for better durability and low oil consumption.

4. Fuel system:
Cummins unique PT fixture and Step Timing control for precise fuel injection. Make the fuel injection pressure above 120Mpa, which leads to an excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance.

5. Lubrication system:
Dual spin-on filter can separate impurity above 10um effectively. Low pressure(240-310Kpa) and steady temperature(100-120º C) system can reduce auxiliary power waste of the lubricating oil pump.

7. Cooking system:
Great water pump and special channel design provides effective cooling. Spin-in water filter makes the coolant clean and keep it in normal acidity.

8. Exhaust system:
Advanced turbocharger and water-air after cooler technology, excellent fuel consumption rate and emission performance.

9. Electrical system:
24V cranking motor and 35A Battery charging system. GAC governor system provides a perfect instant response.

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